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@zenvo3x 17 years old. Just wanna build an aesthetic physique and live a healthy lifestyle

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Gotta Take a lil holiday every once in awhile🌴🌊, even more of an excuse to bulk 😉💪🏽
06:31 AM Feb 11, 2018
Bulking for the rest of the year💪🏽
12:06 AM Jan 11, 2018
Representing diabetic aesthetics, be rocking this new top at the gym thanks brother.
11:36 PM Jan 8, 2018
07:36 PM Mar 22, 2018
Hitting some new prs🏋🏽 need to work more on my arms tho. doing dumbbell rows, 30kg(66lbs) for 8 reps then went to the 27.5kg(60lbs) for 10 then 25kg(55lbs) for 12 reps. Try reverse pyramid training it’s really good
01:19 AM Nov 18, 2017
Got that new gym shark singlet, Sorry for the face but new PRs on the barbell curls, doing 88lbs for 10 reps #gymshark
02:00 AM Nov 15, 2017
Couple days in my lean bulk, using Diabetics aesthetics program thanks man
06:06 AM Nov 11, 2017