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Worked on the first day of shooting last night :) @ethan_zalunardo @midlife_chrisis
10:25 AM Jan 18, 2018
Photo by @hmwhiting | Getting close with the album. I've decided to release one song at a time so stay tuned for updates and a possible music video...
06:15 PM Jan 13, 2018
Thank you so much to everyone who sent in art. It has been the coolest experience going through all of these amazing pieces. These designs will be on the new merchandise at coming soon. The top two designs by will be sold on shirts and because there have been so many designs I love, the designs toward the bottom will be stickers. Stick around for more details :)
09:33 PM Jan 12, 2018
02:12 PM Jan 19, 2018
Working hard. It's been so nice being able to come back to the Bay Area and work on my music the way I want to again while seeing all the amazing art you create. I can't explain how in love I am with my life right now. Remember one more week until I pick the design :) Thank you so much for everything.
06:47 PM Jan 4, 2018
Art by @carmenvka | You have all been sending beautiful pieces of artwork and its been amazing going through the emails, tweets, and posts. I'll be making the final decisions on what art to use on the 11th of this month. Thank you so much :)
12:12 PM Jan 1, 2018
Feeling like myself again :) | @christinehaggin shot this
05:23 PM Dec 29, 2017
02:12 PM Jan 19, 2018
@thomasseth made this. Amazing | I'm starting to think about merchandise and possibly getting you guys in on the design process since there are so many amazing artists out there deserving recognition. More info coming soon
02:05 PM Dec 22, 2017
06:17 AM Dec 22, 2017
It was an honor getting to play with @bastilledan tonight. The whole band is just so nice and genuinely good people. Make sure to give their song "World Gone Mad" a listen. Absolutely loved performing with you guys. Thank you so much :)
12:28 AM Dec 20, 2017
02:12 PM Jan 19, 2018
I'm getting ready. I will be in the studio next month for an album I've been working on for a while. I have a lot of ideas regarding getting you all involved in a little bit of that process. Thank you for all of your support. Excited for this :)
06:05 PM Dec 15, 2017
I can't tell you guys how excited I am to get back to myself. I have lots of music coming soon. Thank you all for the support throughout this part of my journey as a musician :)
11:20 PM Dec 12, 2017
These are so cool @watercolortear Thank you so much. You are a really creative mind and I'm so thankful for your support :)
07:59 PM Dec 11, 2017
02:12 PM Jan 19, 2018
Every single building should be upturned, right side left to be spun around the finger of a figure figuring how to approach the door |AFTD|
08:43 PM Dec 10, 2017
@katerosewhitman made this :) Thank you so much
02:06 AM Dec 7, 2017
These minutes, these days count themselves out loud until crowds can crowd around the sound of it. So loud you pound the ground shake from it
11:52 AM Dec 4, 2017
02:12 PM Jan 19, 2018