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10:55 PM Nov 21, 2017
Two targets per shot lol . I have been really struggling with my hold and shot confidence the last couple of practices, so I figured out a way to use my Noptel with my Sius!!! Oh boy has it helped. . Definitely have ammo issues with my practice pellets. Pellet testing is on the schedule for next week at WAG. . Who else uses a Noptel?? . . #MakingProgress #GirlsThatShoot #2020Olympics #crochet #knitting #dressmaking #crafts #HouseRemodel #NCStateAlumni #UNMAlumni #WaterOperator #PaperPlanner #ShortHairDontCare #PersonalGrowth #Neon #LoveCooking #GoodFood #WhyPayFullPrice #WhyNotMe #LoveWhatMatters #dedicated #WorkInProgress #WhyWait #DoYourBest #EarlyMornings #erincondrenlifeplanner #mealprep #bluehairdontcare #Noptel
09:54 PM Nov 21, 2017
This is already my favorite movie. Give it all the awards. All. Of. Them. 🏆 @greatestshowman #hughjackman #ptbarnum #barnum #circus #whynotme 😭
09:19 PM Nov 21, 2017
11:16 PM Nov 21, 2017
What. A. Workout. Today was way too many burpees, way too many pull-ups, then ended with more upper body. Based on how I was at wall walks when I started, I thought for sure after today’s workout I wouldn’t be able to even get close to the wall. I surprised myself! I did the best I have with my wall walks!!! The pushups can use some work though 😂💪🏼 #week4day2 #VALOR #ifallwithgrace
07:32 PM Nov 21, 2017
07:35 PM Nov 21, 2017
07:30 PM Nov 21, 2017
11:16 PM Nov 21, 2017
04:48 PM Nov 21, 2017
03:03 PM Nov 21, 2017
♥️I affirm the right to have the life that I want.♥️ • I was recently talking with friends about how this used to be a challenge for me. In college, as I learned about the various injustices in the world I guess I was not previously aware of, I -for the first time in my life- wondered why I deserved to have the kind of life I had, and wanted, while others suffered in so many ways I would never come close to. • What made me so special? Who am I to desire the American Dream? How can I be so selfish to want safety and comfort within the walls of a white picket fence? • I fell slowly into a dense sea of hopelessness, guilt, shame, confusion, despair, and grief. I hadn't before that point felt so potently the separation of myself from others, while at the same time feeling deep empathy and oneness with all beings. • The way the world was being presented to me and the way that my heart understood it just didn't make sense. • I eventually learned to shut out these discrepancies in my understanding of the world through the various distractions afforded me in my blessed life. Life goes on. • Even now, if I think about it all too much... the "realities" of the world presented to me through media of all sorts, conventional wisdom, conditioned beliefs passed on from my family and society at large, all while resonating deeply with the wisdom of my heart and soul, unity consciousness, and Love... it can become overwhelming. Too much to try to sort out. • We didn't have to do anything to deserve the  life we get. Whether you believe it's karma, or predestiny, or choice, or soul evolution...once we're here it's about what we do with it. • We also don't have to do anything to deserve the life we want. But we know what feels right. And we know that when we do right we are riding the waves towards manifesting our dreams. We set a clear path with positive thoughts, loving words, and kind deeds. • I affirm my right to have the life I want. And I affirm that right for you, too. • #journeythroughthechakras #rootchakrahealing
02:29 PM Nov 21, 2017
11:16 PM Nov 21, 2017
It's hair day. I love coming to the hair salon in the middle of the day. Time freedom. This is the life. #comingsoon #thiswillbemyreality #whynotme #ibelieve #plexusisagamechanger #emeraldcity #maui2018
12:59 PM Nov 21, 2017
Never let your fear decide your future😉Tough situations build strong people😃☝🏽 #wearepossible #whynotme #transformationtuesday #herbapreneur
12:52 PM Nov 21, 2017
It's that time of year my stoner friends! Come see the season of #dankness STOREWIDE PRE-HARVEST SALE IS ON! 40% off all Medizin-branded items & 20% off all Non-Medizin goodies in-store! Cannot stack discounts/use rewards. -#Planet13 #medizinlv #medizinmuse #realitytv #whynotme #shatter #dabs #flower #ounce #halfounce #dowork #cannabisindustry #womanofganja #ganjaqueen #bigmike #motd
12:42 PM Nov 21, 2017
11:16 PM Nov 21, 2017
When nobody else believed in us, we believed in ourselves! #believe #playforkeeps #whynotme #cashflow #maxout #10x
12:04 PM Nov 21, 2017
11:26 AM Nov 21, 2017
Having a meal plan that is awesome and is proven to work is all well and long as you actually follow it. . I have a fantastic meal plan that I'm using. It's easy to use and there are plenty of things for me to eat that I like. My problem is keeping track of it all. . I had seen these bracelets while doing a Google search a while back as I was looking for some kind of tracking system I could use. I did have a notebook and I was writing everything down and keeping a tally score, but it wasn't practical enough for me. . So...I went to the craft store and bought a bunch of seed beads and stretchy plastic cord and decided to make my own. . This is where I mention I'm just a bit of a procrastinator. It only took me half a year to finally get around to making these...but look! I did it 😃! And I was right. These are soo easy to use. . All I do is move the bracelets from one arm to the other depending on what I ate. (I even made some to help me track my water.) At the end of the day they should all be on the other arm. . Find a system that works for you. This really helps me. . If you want to know more about these just hit me up.
11:20 AM Nov 21, 2017
11:16 PM Nov 21, 2017