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Our first collab video with @unboxtherapy. Going live tonight. #Beebom #UnboxTherapy #YouTube
07:49 AM Dec 16, 2017
Detective Conan after a long time never knew this would be this interesting #detectiveconan #otaku #mkbhd #dbrand #unboxtherapy #anime
06:46 AM Dec 16, 2017
Hey guys, my new vlog is finally up!! Check out the link in my bio for the full video, I must say @unboxtherapy is one of the most humble Youtuber I've come across! His videos have always inspired me to start a Youtube channel, and it's an honour to have him as a part of my first vlog ๐Ÿ™ˆThank you @oneplus_india for giving us this wonderful opportunity! Your new OnePlus Experience Store looked completely kickass and I hope my video does a little bit of justice to it๐Ÿ˜ Please show me your support and give this video a thumbs up on Youtube and subscribe for more to come! #unboxtherapy #oneplus5t #starwars #oneplusindia
05:01 AM Dec 16, 2017
08:10 AM Dec 16, 2017
Welcoming @UnboxTherapy to the Indian Therapy - Mumbai Vlog Part #1 now live on @phoneradar โค๏ธ Appreciated #amitbhawani #lewis #unboxtherapy #collab #tech #youtuber #Mumbai #india #food
01:53 AM Dec 16, 2017
Exclusive unboxing sessions with @unboxtherapy โค๏ธ And I was the only one to get his million dollar thumbnail selfie๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฏ #UnboxTherapy
12:26 AM Dec 16, 2017
You May Call Me Crazy But I Literally Waited 3Hours To Meet This Guy... [email protected] . #lewisHilsentegerTheManHIMSELF #HeIsAwesome #Lew #WhersThJack?๐Ÿ˜„ #unboxtherapy #Youtuber #WentSpeechlessWithJoy #TechGuide #OnePlus5t #StarWarsEditionLaunch #@oneplus_india
09:43 PM Dec 15, 2017
08:10 AM Dec 16, 2017
Today is a great day! #unboxtherapy #ofmiceandmen #firstedition #dustjacket #thisisnumber2 #auctions #imbroke Hahaha
06:34 PM Dec 15, 2017
@judahandthelion And I ain't trading my dreams for no 401k @unboxingthetruth
05:35 PM Dec 15, 2017
04:02 PM Dec 15, 2017
08:10 AM Dec 16, 2017
10:20 AM Dec 15, 2017
01:21 PM Dec 15, 2017
I remember getting to 100 subs exactly one year ago and it's crazy to think how long I have come. Recently I've been stumbling into a bunch of issues and school things that I have to get done which prevents me from making videos on the channel. Hopefully I will be coming back soon. Thanks again to all of you for sticking around and being here for the channel. I appreciate it every single one of you that have been here to help guide me as well as support my channel throughout this few year Journey. I will be back, I don't know when but I will be back.
12:54 PM Dec 15, 2017
08:10 AM Dec 16, 2017
12:51 PM Dec 15, 2017
12:10 PM Dec 15, 2017
Met with @unboxtherapy ! The king of Unboxing, and my Favorite YouTuber ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ Thank you OnePlus for making this happen ! #unboxtherapy #jack #lewis #oneplus #store #op3 #shotononeplus
11:40 AM Dec 15, 2017
08:10 AM Dec 16, 2017