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Out and about #NewYorkCity - May 1, 2016 RUN do not walk to pick up @taylorswift's exact @amusesociety #pocket #tee. This guy is only $38 and is available via the link on the blog post at Shop it before it sells out!
04:34 PM May 1, 2016
It's the time of year. Check out the blog all day today for my roundup of #FavouriteOutfitsof2015! What were your favourite outfits this year?
04:46 PM Dec 31, 2015
What an absolutely crazy year. Thank you to everyone for all your support in 2015, in years previous, and in years to come! #2015bestnine #bestnine #taylorswift #taylorswiftstyle #tayswiftstyledotcom #newyear
04:45 PM Dec 31, 2015
03:41 PM Feb 22, 2018