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The back cover of the Daily News ✔️.
05:54 PM Nov 21, 2017
Dougie McBuckets. [@athletelogos]
05:52 PM Nov 21, 2017
05:49 PM Nov 21, 2017
06:21 PM Nov 21, 2017
Mills made a very sound hire in Perry, who got the organization to be patient in the Anthony Sweepstakes and not settle for a bad deal. Perry then effectively smoothed over things with Kristaps Porzingis once he arrived from Europe. Perry, late in the offseason, also convinced Mills to sign point guard Jarrett Jack in case Ramon Sessions didn’t work out. Jack has been their leader/quarterback/organizer since taking over as starting point guard for the season’s fourth game. The Hardaway signing is hardly a cause for concern any longer. And considering Mills and Perry were only allowed to deal with three teams — Houston, Cleveland and Oklahoma City — they deserve major kudos for the Anthony deal. It’s a good thing it ended with the Thunder. Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott have been essential pieces in the Knicks’ shocking start and have added to a sweet team chemistry. (And don’t forget that early Bulls second-round pick, which now is gravy.)
04:40 PM Nov 21, 2017
On Sunday, former NBA All-star David Lee announced his retirment from the game of basketball. Lee played 12 seasons in the NBA and was named to be an NBA All-star twice in his career. David Lee started his career in New York where he stayed for several seasons before making his way to the Golden State Warriors. Partnered up with young star Stephen Curry and defensive vet Andrew Bogut, Lee helped bring the Warriors back to the NBA playoffs. In 2015, Lee's starting spot was given to Draymond Green under a new coach, Steve Kerr, and the breakout MVP season of Steph Curry led the Warriors to 67 wins and an NBA title, the first and only one of David Lee's career. Lee was traded to the Boston Celtics in late 2015. Lee would also play with the Dallas Mavericks for a short time and would finish his NBA career with the San Antonio Spurs. Congratulations to David Lee on a very successful NBA career and here's wishing him the best in retirement. #nba #basketball #nbaplayer #basketballplayer #retirement #davidlee #newyorkknicks #knicks #newyork #kristapsporzingis #kristaps #timhardawayjr #eneskanter #frankntilikina #goldenstatewarriors #goldenstate #warriors #stephencurry #stephcurry #kevindurant #kd #draymondgreen #bostonceltics #celtics #dallasmavericks #mavericks #sanantoniospurs #spurs
04:15 PM Nov 21, 2017
A matter of time..
04:08 PM Nov 21, 2017
06:21 PM Nov 21, 2017
(Link to Sound cloud and iTunes in bio) Listen to "King Princess" Now!
03:31 PM Nov 21, 2017
Tim basically said, what are you talking about coach! Lol
03:26 PM Nov 21, 2017
That explains Frank's bad game.
02:48 PM Nov 21, 2017
06:21 PM Nov 21, 2017
Dougie McBuckets 🔥🔥🔥 He has been balling with the Knicks! Via: (@athletelogos)
02:03 PM Nov 21, 2017
McBuckets 🔥 (@athletelogos)
01:41 PM Nov 21, 2017
01:36 PM Nov 21, 2017
06:21 PM Nov 21, 2017
✊✊ @dougmcd03 - Via, @athletelogos
12:25 PM Nov 21, 2017
(Link to soundcloud and itunes in bio) Sometimes LeBron convos get We talk Lebron need, would we accept him on the knicks, Frank Ntilikina and break down knicks games. . Listen to "King Princess" at 3pmEST on Dash son the nothing but net station and 3:15 PM EST on Sounscloud or itunes.
11:45 AM Nov 21, 2017
(Vid via @tnyk_discussion ) Highlights from knicks vs clippers.
10:24 AM Nov 21, 2017
06:21 PM Nov 21, 2017