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'E' from the Block! 💃🏽 . . #tgif #conceive #believe #achieve #thisaintnoweave 😜💁🏽 #aye #bailando #sonriendo #enamorando #efromtheblock #jlo #beckyg #inglewood #latinas #beweird #beyou @mukhaye.mua (professional face beater)
03:30 PM Jun 16, 2017
Thank you so much to my aunt, uncle, and cousin @tails_of_everest for my birthday gift! My super stylish aunt bought me this really awesome hat, which I immediately sported yesterday at the beach so I can be just as stylish as her! 🤗 💕 💕 Uncle said I looked so "hipster" and called me "E," and auntie followed by calling me "E from the block," to which I responded by saying, "don't be fooled by the snacks that I got..." 😁 My bday celebration continued with my cupcake at the beach! 🏖️ (2nd pic) Grrr, I said MY cupcake 😉😂😈 don't be eyeing dat cupcake 👹😡 💕 #happymonday #Efromtheblock #sohipsterpleasecallmeE
10:05 AM Jul 17, 2017
I'm pretty sure I figured out why e wanted to do hip hop. So she can be nekked #efromtheblock
06:40 PM Oct 22, 2014
02:10 PM Jan 19, 2018
08:05 PM Jan 21, 2014