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Sometimes the best way to start over is when you're force to. Photographer: @elisabethorourke Model: @kenziecakes
11:51 PM Oct 23, 2017
11:50 PM Oct 23, 2017
Cause I have the best exercise trainers and working out partners! Even though my work outs can be tough I love it when I am surrounded with others who don't give up and trainers who push us with so much love and support. The best part is during all that agony and pain I am having fun and building a better Dara. #round2 #discipline #dedication #trx #bands #fullbodyworkout #curvesarebeautiful #curvesaresexy #curvyfit #donefortoday
11:09 PM Oct 23, 2017
12:03 AM Oct 24, 2017
10:22 PM Oct 23, 2017
09:54 PM Oct 23, 2017
Super icky post-gym bodyshot. 😂 No stains on this t-shirt. #bööbies #bööbs #curves #curvesarebeautiful #girlnextdoor
09:50 PM Oct 23, 2017
12:03 AM Oct 24, 2017
Nada de vergonha , vai ter shortinho, mini saias , nozinho na t-shirts e tudo que a gente tem direito. Bora arrasar 🌅🏝️☀️ Esses looks modernos e fashion vcs encontram na loja @modaficaadica ❤️☀️🏝️
08:45 PM Oct 23, 2017
08:46 PM Oct 23, 2017
A melhor cia de job a @takobal adoro mais que demais 😍 Look: @modaficaadica
08:43 PM Oct 23, 2017
12:03 AM Oct 24, 2017
Social media is crucial to us in the beauty world, whether it’s for marketing ourselves or gaining inspiration from fellow artists. I listed off a few of my favorite Instagram artists on my website. (Link in bio!) . . . . #me #plussize #plussizeblogger #fashionblogger #beautyblogger #asiangirl #edgy #altgirl #rockerchick #alternativebeauty #brunette #browneyes #makeup #mua #crueltyfree #mirrorselfie #blackandwhite #newblogpost #newpost #curvesarebeautiful
08:40 PM Oct 23, 2017
This was me when I started as a lifestyle coach... ...Overweight ...Out of Shape ...Unhappy ...Stressed ...Tired ...Negative Mindset . BUT... When I forgot about all the reasons why something may not work, and solely focused on the ONE good reason why it will!!! That was the AHA moment that we all NEED! . Gosh, I had STARTED to LOSE weight and feel BETTER without EVER dieting. My ultimate desire is to share everything I learned from my heart to yours. This was my the solution HELP EVERYONE! . So, lifestyle coaching became my JAM. ❤️ I didn't let my weight, lack of training nor lack of knowledge stop me. When you have a HEART to help others, you can always gather the necessary knowledge. Do you love helping people and want to start your own health and fitness journey? Let's talk...
08:35 PM Oct 23, 2017
11:39 PM Oct 22, 2017
12:03 AM Oct 24, 2017
07:51 PM Oct 23, 2017
Your in a Curvy class by itself . No one can compare to because of your uniqueness. Shop online at or visit us in Mississauga. Model @colleencplus
07:04 PM Oct 23, 2017
06:46 PM Oct 23, 2017
12:03 AM Oct 24, 2017