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02:31 PM Jan 17, 2018
Sorry that I can’t be “HIM” 🖤🖤 #Single #Asf #Alone
02:22 PM Jan 17, 2018
02:17 PM Jan 17, 2018
02:33 PM Jan 17, 2018
#sittastill kan vara bland det tråkigaste som finns... Kan ju också bero på jag inte är så bra på det. 🤔 #surtsaräven Har aldrig varit - skönt att vara klar med skolan; på jobbet som #frontend#developer kan jag stå upp, lyssna på musik och smådansa medan jag knapprar kod på datorn. #sittingstill is #boring #asf #parkour#parkourgym#freemovr#railpre#iwanttomove
02:11 PM Jan 17, 2018
01:56 PM Jan 17, 2018
My man thinks he’s edgy😂😂❤️ #edgy #funny #asf #why #hipster #shook #help #lol #instadaily #instagood #love #mine
01:53 PM Jan 17, 2018
02:33 PM Jan 17, 2018
Who doesn’t love leg days? We enjoy training our legs&glutes with @11amanda_bode !!! This gluteator is our Favorite machine to work on, and it hurts like no other!!! The glute system has two points of resistance which forces the hip joint to move the thigh both back and out at the same time, that means resistance is provided as you both extend and abduct the hip in sagittal and frontal planes of motion, simultaneously. Unlike other machines, the gluteator forces the gluteal muscles to contract against resistance in two planes of motion isolates the gluteus maximus, not only helping increase strength, but also improve shape in a way that is "like fairy dust, because it magically lifts your butt.” Have you tried this Machine before, and how do you like it? Please leave your comments below!!! Let’s get strong glutes together!!!!🤙🤙🤙 @dynavecmd
01:36 PM Jan 17, 2018
01:37 PM Jan 17, 2018
01:22 PM Jan 17, 2018
02:33 PM Jan 17, 2018
01:04 PM Jan 17, 2018
ASF YOUNG AMERICAN SCOTS MIX & MINGLE February 2nd at Cafe Tallulah, 70th & Columbus Ave. NYC 6pm - 8pm Continue on after enjoying one of ASF's favorite West side haunts.  Young American Scot (under 35)  come join us for Light fare - Cash Bar - Complimentary Glass of Wine, Whisky or Beer. Become an "Under 35 Member" and attend for no charge!! Tickets from $30 #americanscots #asf #slainte #cheers #youngscots
12:51 PM Jan 17, 2018
12:48 PM Jan 17, 2018
02:33 PM Jan 17, 2018
Last chance to get your tickets! Can't wait to dance the night away with you all! (Tickets in bio) #burnsnight #rabbieburns #asf #americanscots
12:46 PM Jan 17, 2018
#mood #asf can't wait to go back with that #special someone frfr next #couple of months ya girl going on a #baecation frfr back 2 #hawaii #life is a #beach with palm trees and #beautiful surroundings #paridise who's coming with me???
12:45 PM Jan 17, 2018
12:45 PM Jan 17, 2018
02:33 PM Jan 17, 2018