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Nikola Vlasic assisted the first goal and later scored from the spot in CSKA Moscow’s Champions League game yesterday🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😤
01:49 AM Sep 20, 2018
Should we try to sign #Rashford in January? 🔵
04:45 PM Sep 19, 2018
01:35 PM Sep 19, 2018
03:11 AM Sep 20, 2018
My score prediction v Arsenal on Sunday is, Arsenal 3-1 Everton
07:02 PM Sep 18, 2018
PSG’s front 3 earlier... 😬😞
06:13 PM Sep 18, 2018
Guys, where has the old Everton gone? It seems like we have no fans our "stadium" is so quite, we are like a library. Give the lads a bit of motivation and actually get behind them. You aren't a fan of you rip up your season ticket, don't blame it all on Cenk, we lost, we lost as a team. The whole team didn't perform. We don't want fans who go to games and win, go to more and lose and never go again. We lack loyalty, we need to stick with our team through thick and thin. Just believe. Are we capable of winning a derby? Absolutely no doubt about it. But people don't believe, people don't care. Players aren't motivated and then they don't perform. Why not get behind the whole team through thick and thin and chant them on, don't stop singing! What have Liverpool been saying for a billion years? 'It's our year' they believe in themselves and now look what it's came to, they believe and have came far. On the other hand our fans are moaning and groaning saying 'oh we are going to lose 5-0 to Arsenal Saturday' why not be positive and cheer the blues on! No, we aren't just Everton. We are the people's club, we need to act like it. I don't care if Liverpool have Lesbo, Mane, Salah. If we put a shift in we can win against any of the premier league teams, we have Tosun, Bernard, Richarlison, Walcott, Sigurddson who are perfectly capable of winning games. We just need to stick together and get behind the lads. Come on let's turn things round, believe and see what great things we have to come in the future. UP THE FUCKING TOFFEES! 💙
05:36 PM Sep 18, 2018
03:11 AM Sep 20, 2018
Score predictions for our game vs #Arsenal? 😬🔵
11:55 AM Sep 18, 2018
Is he good enough? Have your say! 👇
11:44 AM Sep 18, 2018
Wayne Rooney says that Fahrad Moshiri forced him out of Everton after his summer move to DC United was decided before the arrival of Marco Silva. Seems like Fahrad remembered what happened in 2004 😉
11:15 AM Sep 18, 2018
03:11 AM Sep 20, 2018
Am I the only one who’s ever realised Marcel Brands looks like one of those older Dressmann models? • ”Blue-black suit, £60”
02:49 AM Sep 18, 2018
When Richarlison scores a last minute winner next weekend 😉🔵
04:50 PM Sep 17, 2018
This man is dangerous! 😍⚽️
03:58 PM Sep 17, 2018
03:11 AM Sep 20, 2018
Best player on the park yesterday easily my man of the match (for us) @lucasdigne
02:08 PM Sep 17, 2018
The whole squad 😍💙
11:30 AM Sep 17, 2018
There is a lot of discussion about Everton’s performance yesterday. I do think we need to stay positive. That being said, I do also understand that it’s hard when we not only aren’t getting a good enough result, but also aren’t playing the Marco Silva football that we started off the season with that looked very promising and instead are playing a very sloppy long-ball Allardyce football that doesn’t get you anywhere, and thereby lose 3-1 to the currently worst team in the league. It’s hard, but we need to remember that even though Everton are in the process of becoming a bigger, better team and club, there will be set-backs and days/times where we not only lose but also play awfully. We are a work in progress and it will take long to not only steady the ship but also learn to steady it in a good-looking way. Half of our best new signings have been injured or suspended recently. The only aspect that worried me yesterday was seeing our team play looking like they weren’t even attempting to play the beautiful football I thought Marco Silva had already pretty much implemented. But, like I said, these slumps will appear and this season will work as a transition to new-found glory days. Remain patient. • Also, massive respect for Morgan Schneiderlin for playing yesterday just after his father passed away. That’s commitment🔵
07:34 AM Sep 17, 2018
03:11 AM Sep 20, 2018


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