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Last and final day of #metconmonster ! #day8 I thought would not come after the slow start I had to this 10 day challenge. Alas, I repeated “row your goat” workout for my final day of this challenge and finished in 26mins. I completed the challenge! Love that all these workouts were under 30 mins and a few even under 20 mins. Sooooo manageable! Even when you don’t want to do it-it’s over in a half an hour! No big deal! Thanks @jillfit for the tough, quick, efficient workouts!
11:56 PM Jan 19, 2018
Finished out the 8 day program with Burpees AF again. Still finished around 29 minutes b/c I walked fast and didn't run. Learned that little bits of time bare beneficial and that it all adds up. I've been consistent since the beginning of December and I'm going to continue. This definitely challenged me and pushed me harder than I would normally have pushed. #metconmonster #day8 #burpeeAF #whatilearned
11:53 PM Jan 19, 2018
Smiling because I’m DONE! Repeat No Weights No Problem....wearing proper attire this time. 14:48 sec! #metconmonster #MetconMonster #Day8 #day8 #jillfit #challenge #burpees
11:08 PM Jan 19, 2018
12:05 AM Jan 20, 2018
#MetconMonster #Day8 💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️Barbell Bliss 🔹5 minute warm up the 20 minutes EMOTM 10 heavy squats (75#) and 10 plyo lunges per leg for 10 rounds 🔹 This was my favorite workout and highest calorie burn of the challenge - I really did save the best for last! And with that this girl completed the challenge! 🎉 @clipherwings I’m so proud of us! Thanks for holding me accountable! #jillfit @jillfit
10:54 PM Jan 19, 2018
Chose @linkinpark for today's soundtrack. I noticed when I had @soundgarden going one workout that I seemed to push more than I normally do. Maybe it was a fluke, but I like to think it was a subconscious infusion of a little more badassness from those rockstars we've lost. I'm not over Chris, and I'm not over Chester. But I can still immerse myself in their music and feel the support of someone who gets what this weird brainspace is like. . Ground out 12 full rounds plus 10/10/6 reps to wind up #MetconMonster #Day8 with #DeadMeat once more. Kept weights the same, though I've got my eyes on some 30lb dumbbells for the next time I pick this one up. Or maybe I should just get a barbell. Every girl needs a barbell. . Right? . #yegfitness #basementgym #throwback #teenangst #depressionsucks
10:52 PM Jan 19, 2018
And DONE. Finished the 2018 Metcon Monster after work today. No Weight, No Problem: 4 rounds for time of 20 squats, 20 squat jumps, 20 burpees, 20 sit ups. I banded the squats for the booty and finished at 20:21. (I still hate burpees.) #Day8 #metconmonster #metconmonsterchallenge
10:50 PM Jan 19, 2018
12:05 AM Jan 20, 2018
✔️Done with #metconmonster #day8 ✔️ Back in the saddle in 25:03 with 15# DBs. 💪
10:47 PM Jan 19, 2018
Who else is celebrating #Day8 of the @jillfit #MetconMonster challenge? Finished with #DeadMeat and used 65# barbell for the deadlifts and the 45# barbell for the push presses. I did 5 rounds of 10 deadlifts, 10 pullups, 10 push presses, and 10 close-grip pushups in 25 min. Oh...and reason No. 126 I love my #homegym -- I can drink champagne in it! 🍾🥂 . . . #cheers #tgif #metabolicconditioning #jillfit #roguefitness #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #fitnessblogger #momswholift #girlswholift #garagegym #garagegymlife #garagegymtraining
10:35 PM Jan 19, 2018
LAST workout! {sry insta😜} 2 #metconmonster workouts in 1 night 😅 #Day8 ... Started & ended the challenge with “Back in the Saddle”🐎and I beat my first time by over 2 mins with a time of 15:42 & used 20lbs! 🏋🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️😁🏃🏼‍♀️ @jillfit . . . Want to thank all my supportive Fit For Her Ladies!! && I am so proud of you girls that did the challenge! It wasn’t easy 😜 & it built stronger or new friendships{& muscle}. It’s been very cool!! & thanks to my amazing ladies @maile.ann @adallen1979 @melindafit_365_ @naadjoa72 @kalahjean718 @kmtaggie96 @sherrold21 & more for doing the workouts with me 💪🏼💪🏼
10:33 PM Jan 19, 2018
12:05 AM Jan 20, 2018
#metconmonster #Day7 Redid no weights no problem 20 squats 20 burpees 20 squat jumps 20 situps Finished in 14:25 thats better than last time. Gonna keep doing these workouts throughout the year to see how i improve over time. Thanks jillfit for giving me the accountability i needed for whipping me back into shape. I managed to button a pair of shorts that were too tight a few months ago! That shows my progress. I own no scale. my scale it how i fit and feel in my clothes.
07:28 PM Jan 18, 2018
#Day8 of the @jillfit #metconmonster challenge—I made it through, despite a camping trip, a calf injury, a weird schedule, and a mild cold. Such a great reminder that I can always find time for a quick workout, even at home. Tonight I made up my own little circuit and sweated it out in the living room while @cpierceact cooked up some delicious burgers & sweet potato fries and the kids complained about my heavy breathing. 😆 Got through 9 rounds w/my trusty 20# #kettlebell. #athomeworkout #momswholift #sweatyselfie
10:22 PM Jan 19, 2018
#allthehashtagstoday - i am running a challenge and I'm part of challenge in this New Year's weeks and one of those challenges is my body! 😂 but for real! Between returning to teach my classes at the gym, teaching doubles more than once a week with maybe a day/week of rest, my body has been screaming "mercy". Also, i decided to participate in the #metconmonster challenge by @jillfit and today was my #day7 but after teaching twice and dealing with extreme soreness, rumble roller session was in order. Also, allowing my cuddly son to join me #justbecause Again, it feels like a failure to not follow through with a challenge, but also it feels great to have the power to choose what's best. It's not that I am not exercising (i might be even overdoing it), but not checking off the box of the challenge. So here, plus my "nail salon" nails #noteven, i am declaring my #day5 of my #21daysoffailure challenge. Accepting that this failure for me is defined by a change in plans but not by a change of goas: fitter, stronger, able to push hard and enjoy tomorrow's BodyCombat74 launch party. #rumblerollertime #deeptissuemassage #boymom #multitaskingninja #facemaskfoamrollingcuddling #fitnessinstructorlife #sahm #strongfitmom @emmanuelsy
10:20 PM Jan 19, 2018
12:05 AM Jan 20, 2018
#metconmonster #day8 and I am tired! Before my workout, I went through the different workouts, trying to figure out which workout would be easiest. I was tired and unmotivated. However, I changed my mind and decided to finish the challenge strong! I did the “Dead Meat” workout, using 10lb dumbbells. I completed 11 full rounds in the 25 minutes. I pushed myself harder, and it felt good! Before this challenge, I needed a jumpstart, and this challenge was perfect! I’m excited to continue building on these habits, and to continue being consistent. I got goals, yo! #onmywaytohealthy #onmywaytostrong
10:14 PM Jan 19, 2018
"Barbell Bliss" complete. Total of 110 squats with 60# barbell (did 11 minutes instead of 10 minutes total) & 100 dynamic lunges (first time I've ever done dynamic squats). Worked up a sweat and had fun with it. #metconmonster #day8. Can't see it in the pic but I noticed a vein popping out on my temple. Lol!
10:09 PM Jan 19, 2018
FACT: Exercise makes me happy. •• But seriously, exercise makes me HAPPY! And get this.. being with my friends and exercising makes me even happier!! Even if I may not want to do the workout or even go to the gym, having friends who push you to push yourself are hard to find. Those friends who cheer for your successes. Who are happy for you in all things and truly want the best for you.. you know any friends like that?? I do.. and one of them is @mag_lawrence who constantly challenges me to be better. So thanks for pushing me to finish #MetconMonster #Day8 💙💙 •• We retested “Burpee AF” Run 800m 50 burpees Run 400m 35 burpees Run 200m 20 burpees We completed it in the SAME exact time as before.. 🙄🙄 oh well, it was still worth it! This whole challenge has been worth it and I’m so glad I attempted to do more metcons AND learn a lot more about myself the the mental strength I have. I have grown. I have gotten stronger. I have challenged myself to do more than I thought I could and I would call that a success. 😊 #done ✌🏼✌🏼
10:02 PM Jan 19, 2018
12:05 AM Jan 20, 2018