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10:08 AM Nov 22, 2017
You work some, and then you work some more. And more. #needthatcoffee why don’t use a fabulous coffee mug as this? #coffee #work #tired #maximum #allin #nevergiveup #gohardorgohome #aldrigvila #exclusivecars @exclusivecarsab
10:07 AM Nov 22, 2017
When I find something that works, and fits my specific criteria, I go ALL IN! This same mentality is what led me to go Keto, train hard, and supplement to get the maximum return for my efforts. I research and study EVERYTHING, constantly. Science and data doesn't lie. Learn about the supplements that can help you reach your specific goals, and you will reap the benefits of those efforts. As you can tell, I recently discovered @nutrakey and @repp_sports and went all in! I found (through further research) that some of the supplements I was using were falling short on effective dose amounts. Plus, some that I were using even had maltodextrin in them. 😈 All of these products in the image contain zero sugar and zero maltodextrin. Keto-friendly goodness! The Iso Optima White Chocolate Macademia Nut protein powder only has 1g carbs and zero sugar, plus you can bake with it! I am proud to be a #nkambassador 👍. Their products are competitively priced, too... Especially if you use my 30% off code "KETOING". Check out what they have at!
10:04 AM Nov 22, 2017
10:11 AM Nov 22, 2017
Está rolando uma petição online pressionando a Warner Bros a lançar uma versão estendida de Liga da Justiça. A duração de 2 hrs do filme foi exigência do CEO da Warner, a petição ainda pressiona o estúdio a lançar a versão completa do Zack Snyder, que teve algumas de suas cenas cortadas ou refilmadas pelo Joss Wheddon. A petição já conta com mais de 85 mil assinaturas.
10:00 AM Nov 22, 2017
STAY CALM! If this is real I'm gonna cry, please @wbpictures give us the Justice League director's cut by Zack Snyder. Comment below if you want this 🔽 . . . . . . . . . . . . FOLLOW ME FOR MORE 🔄 . . . . . . . . . . . #JusticeLeague #UniteTheLeague #AllIn #ZackSnyder #JossWhedon #HenryCavill #Superman #BenAffleck #Batman #Batfleck #GalGadot #WonderWoman #JasonMomoa #Aquaman #EzraMiller #TheFlash #RayFisher #Cyborg #GreenLantern #JKSimmons #CommissionerGordon #ArthurCurry #LexLuthor #JoeManganiello #Deathstroke #Darkseid #Steppenwolf #DCEU
10:00 AM Nov 22, 2017
Here is a photo of my character in Justice League after an alien kicked my ass!Unfortunately my scene amongst others didn't make the final cut due to film being too long. Shit happens. Still an IMDb credit, still got paid, still met director Zack Snyder and still grateful for calling this my job. ❤ . . #kevinmathurin #actor #actorsworld #actorslife #actorlife #actinglife #work #role #character #marines #alienkickedmyass #filming #film #movies #justiceleague #ALLIN #warnerbrothers #DC #comics
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Congratulations to our All-SCIAC award winners! #HWPO #ALLIN #RYFP
09:50 AM Nov 22, 2017
6:30am with this crew😴🎀❤ #norest #allin #bribedwithburittos #wolfpackcheer
09:49 AM Nov 22, 2017
BEFORE I START THIS REVIEW LET ME SAY THIS: I’m fully aware of the situation with the Rotten Tomatoes scoring for this movie. While I do think it doesn’t deserve a rating tht low, it doesn’t mean I’m gonna be giving this a flawless 100%, so y’all DCEU fanboys gotta chill TF out. With that said, here are my thoughts on Zack Snyder’s (and well, I guess Joss Whedon did some work too) Justice League: On the positive side of things, I think the movie made a really great balance in setting its tone. Wasn’t as dark and gritty as Batman v Superman, and the humor didn’t feel overplayed. Really liked the character development given for Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, felt like they were really developing from their actions and the consequences of the previous movies. The way they introduced the three new heroes (Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash) into the universe was done well too. Everyone had their own time to shine onscreen, and the interactions they had with each other were very fun to watch. The final battle, though it felt kinda short, was still a pretty badass movie moment tht kept me at the edge of my seat. Now, let’s get to the negatives. I’ll start with saying that the first act of the movie (assembling the team) felt rushed, likely because they wanted to save act two for Superman’s return (NOT A SPOILER cuz honestly, you’d have to be stupid to not see that one coming). Movie’s pacing felt kinda off too. A lot of Snyder’s “pre-Whedon reshoot” scenes were left on the cutting room floor, so it kinda bums me out to know that his full vision for this movie wasn’t achieved. The CGI on Cyborg looked iffy too. Another flaw I’d like to point out is the main villain, Steppenwolf. I found absolutely NOTHING interesting about him, and his whole “Mother Box” conquest was just there so DC could set up Darkseid for the next JL movie. In conclusion, Justice League is a fun, but flawed movie. But hey, even if the villain was weak and the numerous scenes cut out slightly ruined the flick, at least I can say that seeing all these heroes finally come together (haHA) on the big screen made me feel pretty good. Trust me, I say it’s worth the watch. #JusticeLeague #AllIn #Review
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Just shut up and listen to your coaches, guys! They know how to make money at the tables. 😉😎 #poker #pokerface #wemakechampions #beyondthetable #pokerlife #coaching #pokerlove #pokerstars #partypoker #tips #winners #champions #mindset #allin #hardwork
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