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Fulham Football Club. As #Baines is getting older, I’d love to sign #Fulham wonderkid Ryan... - evertoncommunity

As #Baines is getting older, I’d love to sign #Fulham wonderkid Ryan #Sessegnon, do you agree blues? #EFC #Everton #COYB #NSNO
11:32 AM Feb 18, 2018


He’d go city to good
Hell yes
£50 mil
I’ve already signed him on Fifa career
not that good at lb tho better at lw
Looking at least 50 mill but long term, best option by far
Fuck yea
Tierney from celtic looks good think he's only still 20
He’s not a left back
Yes, but playing him as an attacking full back or wing back
Yeah would be sick for Fifa aswell
@robiindickson he has played 24 games at LB this season so ....
@alleverton that’s because of squad depth he is a left winger
Considering he has a lot of talent and only plays his position all the time, I’d like to see him bring in some younger talent!
He’s still only 17, if you’re looking for a right back for instant impact to the squad look somewhere else? Football is not fifa alright? Kiddo
@jezza_lui for a start he’s a left back... second you’re mental if you wouldn’t sign him tbh
Maybe give it another year so if he ain't a 1 season wonder