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NFL post of the week : Agree, he already is. -Mason via @yournflopinions_ Agree or Disagree? Drop a Comment and a Like - #yournbaopinions #sparkfam #ynogang
03:54 PM Jan 21, 2018


IMO he’s 1-3
Dont post about NFL
Lol jags up 14-3
1.brady 2.young 3.manning 4.montana 5.brees
@_alek23 it's a weekly post and I think it's good if people wanna see more nfl they can go on the your nfl opinions page. It's like a promotion in a way
He already is
@rowdy.stanley15 Montana over Manning
Brady, Montana, Manning, Favre, Elway
He is already top 3
1.blake bortals 2.brady 3.montana 4.manning 5.RG3
@champagneiikenny Brady Peyton Favre Montana and elway are better
@champagneiikenny Manning is way better then Brees
Disagree, 1.Lavar ball 2.Lavar ball 3. Lavar Ball 4.Lavar Ball 5.Lavar Ball
Idk very much about football tbh but is joe Flacco up there
1 Brady 2 Montana 3 elway 4 manning 5 Rodgers 6 Marino 7 brees
He already is
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1 Montana 2 Rodgers 3 Brady 4 Manning 5 Brees
Tom Brady goat
Please* he is so bad he is not even top 10 rn
@_thomas_barnard_ idk shit about football but I do know how to spell and that’s no how you spell please
No ( brady , montana, Marino , elway , farve , manning , johnny u )
He’s like 6th or 7th
Sure I guess I don't really watch much football well I am rn
No bc he is underrated he definitely should be tho
Already is in my opinion
Already is
For me, its TB, Peyton, Brett Favre, and then my main man Cool Brees
Already is
at least 5, likely 4
1. Brady 2. Montana 3. Manning 4. Brees 5. Rodgers
Already is
1. Manning 2. Brady 3. Monatana 4. Rodgers 5. Elway 6. Brees to me
Agree maybe top 3
Already is
@pastorjonn favre? Come on man
Top 3 tbh its manning, Brady then brees
not even close
@apaulucci14 brees at 6 elway at 5 Rodgers at 4
1 Manning 2 Brady 3 Montana 4 Rodgers 5 elway 6 brees
He not top 5....Brady,Peyton, Montana, Marino, Elway, Brees. He sitting at 6 to me.
He already is one
Brady Manning Montana Rodgers Brees
Brady, Montana, Manning, Farve, Brees
He already is
brady, montana, manning, farve, brees. so yes