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Lou Williams. Still not over this @sparkarthur... this man will never stop grinding ... - spark_sports

Still not over this @sparkarthur... this man will never stop grinding 🙏 #SPARKFAM
03:39 PM Jan 21, 2018


Safe to say he’s the next Jordan!
Lou Will = GOAT 😂😂
Lou will might be a top 10 clipper of all time when he retires... if he stays
two 🐐s
@josh.pectol clips are so bad he prob already is
@grant_mccarthy not yet, it’s been one season🤣
Nope AI
ESPN be like
.... anything to bring up MJ I guess
How tf was he on the bench
@twinturbo6 Iverson was in the playoffs. Might be why they missed it.
- Fazla kilolar canınızı mı sıkıyor - 20 günde 6-8 kilo - 1 ayda 8-12 kilo vermek için - DETAYLAR için MESAJA gelin. .
@montegotswag he plays starter mins
@thomas_johow I think that might be sarcasm but idk 🤣
@ny_original *insert salt emoji*
@wilba2006 what’s up will 👀 too fast!!!
@spark_sports you know the go
Why all these crazy ass stats gotta be since michael jordan did it, god dam it why michael so goat😭😭
@ryan.perez26 @slamstudios lol **Any stats similar to what MJ has accomplished has to be posted at all times or you will be fired - NBA writers association
Alvin Robertson
@ryan.perez26 Ryan spends too much time at "the salty spatoon" and "super weenie hut Jr"
@spark_sports Will ain't a slacker. He's got a teacher recognition award.
@wilba2006 I got two actually
again with these retarded stats
@saucyyy.christian You don't get anything for getting second place.
@montegotswag it’s not who starts the game, it’s who finishes it
Al did it in 1999 ....
Wow espn for once put out an interesting stat
@spark_sports my friend is literally friends with lou williams. Cause her mom and his mom know each other and have convos and tall. She kniws him personally you can. She has stuff autographed by him
Check my page for dank memes @4g10_ . NEED FOR MEMES.
What game was this ?
@twinturbo6 yeah i believe they count playoff stats as playoff stats only lol
I scored at least 19 points every game and steal the ball at least 8 X.......... I'm 11 👀
@cloey_c.d you’re in the NBA at 11 ?? wow congrats that’s crazy
Bro he is actually so beast
@cloey_c.d because you’re a girl, women aren’t as good as men at basketball
All these ridiculous stats, who cares with those "since mj" stats
Actually Allen Iverson did it in 1999, i guess they didn't bother to check his stats tho
To be honest I’m really shocked he has played at such a high level this year. Great Job Lou!
@cloey_c.d keep on grinding, kiddo! 💪
Y’all act like this is a ridiculous specific stat... he is the first person to score 30 points and 10 steals in single game since Michael Jordan. That means nobody else has had 30 points and 10 steals in a single game, since 1988 when Jordan didn’t. It’s really not that hard to understand what the stat line means lmao
So I guess iverson just don’t exist
Allen iverson
Easily the goat
That’s bc nobody gets 10 steals.
#fakenews what about @theofficialai3 Soo Allen Iverson doesn’t exist? 🤔
@damjanvuk wtff 10 steals
Aaaaaand another random ass stat showing why MJ is the best ever
@max.lane it wouldn't be nba it would be wnba fyi
@max.lane and it's middle school ball. Maybe try getting your facts right. Oh yeah and btw last game I only stole the ball 4 times.
@cloey_c.d yeah exactly it’s middle school, stop comparing yourself to NBA players lol 😂😂
@max.lane I never said that I was.