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01:19 PM Jan 21, 2018


Where's Kobe?
@samuel_g1_ on the left, hidden in the brick wall
Oh I see him
Wow that was waaaay harder to find kobe than a game of “where’s Waldo” 😂
Where’s Kobe?
They all are rookie/ 2nd year... by the end of their career this pic will be true without kobe
Where’s Kobe
Where is kobe
On the left of kuzma
@jack_flannery82 brick wall on the left
@jacedadon brick wall on the left
I spent five minutes looking for kobe before i decided to look at the comments
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Ok where's Kobe at??
@dgiianola on the brick wall
@sauceylaflame haha yeah I saw now
17 rings actually, if u look at kuzmas pants there is a Lakers logo and the lakers have a total of 17 rings. Am i wrong?
Damn. U really gotta search for this one
@hilalroache 16 rings 😂 other than that, agree
@Jack_speechley17 16 rings my bad lol
22. Look at the pants
look at the brick wall next to kuzma
@a.neighbojaxon boi Kobe got 5 rings with the lakers so those 5 are in the 17 total the lakers have you don’t add the 5 to the 17 he didn’t win for another lakers team
brandon ingram 4 state championship Lonzo 1 so 5
Where’s kobe
@nick.lavndr you over thought that
@pineapplepimp 😂 lmao u not wrong
Where’s the Kobe
@brayan51922 look at the brick wall next to kuzma
@nick.fosterr the wall next to kuzma
Where is kobe
peep the Kobe
Where’s Kobe
Look at the at the brick wall next to kuzma
I was looking for an hour no joke
@emmakeough3 kobeeeee bean bryant
Bruh Kobe hard asf to find , whoever made this is an an ass😭 (brick wall next to kuzma)
This the hardest one yet
@ezra_kinfe07 I still don’t see it
Where is it
U mean 10? Kobe's 5 and this big 3s next 5 lmao jk
@xlx_____________x.l lol thank you ... I was like 5 rings were is Kobe
??? Let them prove it first
Why kuzma as tall as ingram
@russelltheodore But Ingram has grown to 6’11
'5 rings'
@kid_makavelii the Lakers website says he's 6'9", exactly the same as Kuzma.
Did you put Kobe on a brick wall on purpose 😭
@russelltheodore Ingram is taller
@kapuyawn Kobe is on the wall
@dat_kid_dot_ ??? Kuz Ing and Zo are featured on the photo.
Kobe on the left, im dead💀
I can’t see it
@liams.priv__ kobe is on the left from kuzma
This is a good one 😂😂😂
@kapuyawn he meant look closely at the brick wall left side of kuz
There's a lakers logo so technically 21 rings
Why they have to do Kobe like that 😂😂
Lmao this is cold
Where is he,cannot find him,lol
wheres kobe🤔
Lmao Kobe hidden AF 😂😂😂😂