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Nike Football (Soccer). Unlucky 😞. Did he deserves the spot over the Suarez ? . comment be... - footballtrollz9


Of course
No wtf suarez is much better
Fuck yes he deserved it
not a chance...
He deserve it more dan anyone else,to mind u am cristiano ronaldo fan but he deserve it by far love dis soo humble meaning he supposed ti be exalted but unfortunately he was been humbled and dat isn't fascinating.
Suarez is better
Hes in top3 Balon D Or cause of fame and finals but luis has so much better personal stats
Debió ser premiado almenos con "the best" llevo a su pais y a su club hasta las finales
This shd not be happen he nominated for ballon'dr and then why not in world 11 he is a great player
He deserves the spot over messi
He shouldn't have been in the top 3 in the first place
No 😳
Shld be happy because he's still young and being compared by 2 of the best players in the world. His time will come once Ronaldo and Messi retire.
He got really unlucky with awards
De gea over nueur
Over messi but he's messi so even if he's outdone he'll be chosen
Hell no
Suarez is better..
The 2 players ahead him ar in his playing position....So dere is no point to worry about
No. Didn't deserve tip 3 either
🇫🇷🇫🇷 he deserved the ballon d'or
No he didn't deserve top 3 either