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Marsha p. johnson born malcolm michaels jr. (1945 08 24) august 24, 1945 elizabeth, new jersey, u.s. died july 6, 1992 (1992 07 06) (aged 46) new york city, u.s. known for gay liberation and aids activist, performer with the hot peaches and the angels of light marsha p. johnson (august 24, 1945 – july 6, 1992), born and also known as malcolm michaels jr., was an american gay liberation [6. Her work continues today through the marsha p. johnson institute, which fights for the rights of black transgender people. earlier this year, new york gov. andrew cuomo dedicated a seven acre waterfront park in brooklyn to marsha p. johnson , the first state park dedicated to an lgbtq historic figure and a transgender woman of color. Marsha p. johnson was an activist, self identified drag queen, performer, and survivor. she was a prominent figure in the stonewall uprising of 1969. marsha went by “black marsha” before settling on marsha p. johnson. the “p” stood for “pay it no mind,” which is what marsha would say in response to questions about her gender. Marsha p. johnson was born on august 24, 1945, in elizabeth, new jersey. she was identified as male at birth. however, young marsha enjoyed wearing clothing made for girls. Marsha p. johnson was an african american transgender women who was an lgbtq rights activist and an outspoken advocate for trans people of color. johnson spearheaded the stonewall uprising in 1969.

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Marsha p. johnson was an african american gay man and drag artist someone who dresses extravagantly and performs as a woman from new jersey, whose activism in the 1960s and 70s had a huge. Activists marsha p. johnson and sylvia rivera were on the front lines of the fight for trans rights from as early as the 1960s when the movement was just beginning to gain traction. born in 1945 in new jersey, marsha p. johnson was an outspoken african american trans rights gay rights aids activist, sex worker, and drag queen during the late. Marsha p. johnson turned to sex work in the 1970s as a means of paying the bills, but it was a dangerous job. marsha ran into a scary situation while working as a sex worker and was shot.

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on a hot june night in 1969, police raided the stonewall inn, a well known gay bar in new york city, as they had many times before. this time, customers fought who killed marsha p. johnson? she was one of the icons of the gay rights movement in the 1960s, the self described "street queen" of ny's gay ghetto, and on july 6, 1992, marsha p. johnson was tragically found dead at the age of 46. marsha was an african american transgender woman who was an lgbtq rights pay it no mind the life and times of marsha p. johnson thanks to the wisdom of tony nunziata, jimmy camicia, richard morrison, and larry mitchell who learn more about marsha p. johnson, a transgender activist who participated in the stonewall uprising and fought for equal rights. this video is adapted from we improve social mobility by teaching key skills through after school debate programmes for schools in the uk. subscribe to our channel and instagram: when new york city police raided the stonewall inn in 1969, trans activist marsha p. johnson stood up for her civil rights. about drunk history: based on the marsha p. johnson was known in new york's greenwich village where she became an icon during the stonewall riots. her legacy asks us to take care of trans these two queens are central figures in creating the rights we as the lgbtqi community have. we owe so much to them and i feel they are not talked about transgender icon marsha p. johnson helped spark the stonewall riots. but her death here in new york city still remains a mystery. we revisit the case with marsha p. johnson, transgender activist and urban legend, was never one to mince words. she brought some serious thoughts to this gay audience . enjoying my videos? subscribe! ▻ zrymcn become a channel member here

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