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Perineal care should be performed during a bath, after using the bedpan, and or after incontinence. special care should be used when performing perineal care on an uncircumcised male. failure to retract and wash the area under the foreskin can result in infection. failure to return the foreskin to its normal position can result in paraphimosis. Use the following steps when performing perineal care for men: collect your equipment. wash your hands and apply your gloves. place the client on their side or back. put a towel under your patient’s hips. cover your client with a sheet for modesty. expose their perineal area. wash the penis using a circular motion and start at the tip and go. The process of perineal care males for a cna skills exam is as follows: perform the standard cna beginning tasks. knock before entering the patient’s room, greet the patient by name, introduce yourself, explain the task you are about to perform, close the privacy curtain, and wash your hands. . apply protective gloves. be sure to cover resident. This video shows the proper steps for completing the cna testable skill "perineal care male with changing a soiled brief". this is a new skill that has just. Down shaft of the penis and washed testicles. replaced. foreskin of uncircumcised male. 8 ) rinsed the perineal area, if applicable. 9) turned the patient on their side facing away. cleaned anal area by. washing from front to back. 10) patted area dry, if applicable. 11) removed waterproof pad and discarded.

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If he is uncircumsised, you pull the foreskin back first, clean under it, and then replace it after you've finished cleaning and rinsing the rest of the penis. use a clean area of washcloth or new peri wipe for each stroke, just like in female peri care. clean the scrotom and the rest of the groin afterwards. 0 likes. You can perform perineal care as a separate event or during bath time. prepare your cleaning materials. you will need: 1 2 washcloths (take more if you need it) a container with warm water. peri wash products – we recommend this product called sensi care. we like that it is unscented and good for sensitive skin. • how to give perineal care to the male client according to proper procedure • how to give perineal care to the female client according to proper procedure purposes of perineal care perineal care is usually called “peri care.” it means washing the genitals and anal area. peri care can be done during a bath or as a separate procedure.

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this video shows the proper steps for completing the cna testable skill "perineal care male with changing a soiled brief". this is male perineal care: caregiver training from the arizona medical training institute. check out our programs at azmti . this video will show you step by step instruction on how to perform the mail peri care scale for your state test. this video shows the cna testable skill "perineal care male with changing a soiled brief". full skill video available to amti this video is a step by step guide to performing perineal care for a bed bound male with catheter. this skill will demonstrate male peri care for the ky cna state test. disclaimer: this video is intended for my nursing students only for viewing purposes. perineal care; with an indwelling urinary (foley) catheter (male & female)

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